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Thema: Maison Michel Paris - flotte Damenhüte und elegante für die Herren

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    Maison Michel Paris - flotte Damenhüte und elegante für die Herren

    Das Maison Michel wurde bereits 1936 von dem Hutmacher Auguste MICHEL gegründet und 1975 von Pierre Debard
    übernommen, der ab 1980 begann Hüte für die Haute Couture und prêt-à-porter Kollektionen für die großen Modehäuser
    wie Chanel, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Laroche, Lanvin und Christian Lacroix zu machen.
    1996 übernahm CHANEL das Maison Michel und seit 2006 zeichnet die Artdirektorin Laetitia Crahay für das
    exquisite Design verantwortlich.

    Aufgrund der sehr hohen handwerklichen Qualität des Maison Michel wurde es u.a. vom EPV France ausgezeichnet.

    Maison Michel führt 4 Linien: Ready-to-wear, VIP mit exklusiven Einzelentwürfen, Studio und auf Maß (Made-to-measure)

    Video de la Maison MICHEL

    In Deutschland erhältlich bei THE CORNER, Berlin:


    Ligne STUDIO:

    Sur mesure für die Herren

    Für Damen

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    Spring -Summer 2013


    Auch die Präsentation ist überarbeit.

    Designed by Laetitia Crahay, Head of Accessories & Jewelry for Chanel and Artistic Director of Maison Michel,
    the Spring-Summer 2013 collection draws from the classics and astounds us with its first line devoted to weddings.
    This collection is taken into an ever-more inspired and radical fashion zone with charismatic cat ears, playful fascinators,
    bob hats and wide-brimmed hats, and, of course, the street attitude of straw trilbys tagged with graffiti.

    Cat ears, fascinators, headbands, caps and, of course, the felt hats like the illustrious Virginie (also available in
    a mini version with narrow edges) get decked out in metal, on the rim or replacing the gros grain.
    These headpieces add a touch of nostalgic chic and a splash of eye-popping color in this season’s best:
    yellow, cherry red, beige and pearl gray.

    Splashes of color mimic a kaleidoscope and graffiti gets hand painted on straw and the felt of trilby hats.
    The destroyed look conquers in grosgrain and straw with urban, distressed trimmings for these trilbys with wide
    or narrow brims. Romantic lace clearly takes center stage however, in sultry black to give a modern slant on
    wide-brimmed hats, trilbys, boaters, caps, cat ears and hair accessories.

    Rain becomes a source of inspiration and style, echoing the musicals of the sixties.
    Plastic designs sprout up in every color of the rainbow (pink, green, yellow) as they play tricks with transparency and plumetis, fluttering like confetti, and glittering in stars and floral shapes. An ultra-feminine take on playful accessories leads to the notion of elegance.
    There is still something for the little ones though, with a chic twist on bob hats and sequined hoods and bear ears.

    At last, the big day is finally here. Weddings are now celebrated under veils, boaters, headbands, and floral crowns,
    all designed by Laetitia Crahay and crafted with the expertise of the Guillet and Lesage houses.

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