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Thema: SOL ALPACA - reziproker Saisoneinkauf

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    Shopping Bag SOL ALPACA - reziproker Saisoneinkauf

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    Use your promo-code: CYBERSOLDAYS and save 30% on ALL Fall-Winter 19/20

    Free shipping on orders upon US$150*

    Die besten Fotos findet man auf der offiziellen Facebookseite

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    The Trien Diamonds Poncho is made of 100% baby alpaca fiber.
    It belongs to our seasonal line, which has been developed following current trends
    in color and design with an Andean cultural ingredient.


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    SOL ALPACA - Let's help Peru together

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    A social initiative for the future of our country.

    Like in several countries in the world, today, the population of Peru lives under a climate of uncertainty and concern about the situation generated by COVID-19, as well as the effects it will have on the country. The measures taken by the Peruvian government, like necessary social distancing, have not only forced people to “reinvent” themselves and redefine their daily activities and routines. It also reinforces and determine the right role of companies in society and how they can act in the face of this emergency.

    Today more than ever, at Sol Alpaca and Mallkini, we understood the importance of helping and providing a solution for our community and society where we operate. We are trying to look for the well-being of the families that make up these communities, as well as our co-workers, clients, and the population in general.

    For this reason, during this period of social distancing and mandatory quarantine, we have provided more than 250 bio-security kits. These include essential and necessary elements for the health personnel, like masks, nitrile gloves, bio-security suits, etc. To different hospitals and COVID centers in Arequipa and Cuzco.
    However, it is time to “go beyond” and increase our actions and range of support.

    As members of the Sol Alpaca and Mallkini team want to get involved with society and our community. So that together we can serve it, seeking to be a common support element for our country.

    To achieve this objective, we have decided to put into practice what we know best. Create beautiful garments made of alpaca fiber and, through our Knitted with Solidarity products, to generate funds to contribute to the medical and health personnel. Who daily faces this growing threat, treating patients with COVID – 19, besides taking care of each of us.
    We will donate 50% of the sales of our line “Knitted with Solidarity” to support the health personnel from different hospitals and COVID centers in Peru. So that they can keep working safely and continue their gigantic work.
    Staying at home is no longer enough.
    Peru needs us.
    Let’s work together to make it happen.

    Support here!


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