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Thema: PACOMARCA - sustainable ALPACA Network

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    golden star PACOMARCA - sustainable ALPACA Network

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    PACOMARCA is an experimental station for scientific research on the genetic improvement of alpacas and the transfer of technology and good-quality (valued) genetic material to the smallholders of the peruvian andes. It seeks to contribute to the sustainability of alpaca production through the improvement of fiber quality, which leads to higher prices in the market and maintaining the interest of farmers in raising alpacas.

    Pacomarca belongs to the textile division of the GRUPO INCA, whose companies INCA TOPS SA and INCALPACA TPX support (provide financing for) the programs carried out there.

    As a consequence of the relationship with certain communities and different alpaca producers, PACOMARCA produces a limited quantity of fiber each year with special characteristics, unique in the market and which is 100% traceable; this material is sold under the brand-name PACOMARCA.

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    Alpacagarne und feinste Stricksachen

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    BLACK ALPACA besteht aus natürlich gewachsenen Fasern/Haaren und ist NICHT gefärbt!


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