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Thema: THE REAL McCOY's - Japan

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    THE REAL McCOY's - Japan

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    THE REAL McCOY's Japan hat eine wesentlich umfangreichere Kollektion alleine schon an klassischen Lederfliegerjacken als die Schwesternfirma in Neuseeland.
    Insbesondere bietet McCOY's auch die Lederjacken mit den handbemalten Motiven auf der Rückseite, wie sie zur zur des WWII bei der USAAF in Mode waren, an.
    Die Reproduktionen der Buco-Lederjacken aus Chicago sind auch eine Klasse für sich.
    McCOY'S verwendet nur erstklassiges Leder aus japanischen Gerbereien und kombiniert dies mit der sagenhaften Hang zur perfekten Verarbeitung, wie man sie
    fast nur in Japan findet.

    Die Vintagemodelle der Daunenjacken haben mich auch schon sehr begeistert - wenn da nicht der starke YEN und der Importzoll wären.

    BUCO - Reproduktionen:

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    The iconic B-3 flight jacket has been reproduced by The Real McCoy's to offer the same look and feel as the original 1934 model. It’s production was aborted due to the depletion of leather resources at the time.

    Made from thick sheepskin to offer warmth and functionality. The skin is made from a combination of tanned and acrylic-finished sheepskin with a thinner 1/4-inch shearling pile to decrease bulk, with the back split up into three panels.It’s complete with side adjustments at the waist allowing you to customise your fit, there’s also a double throat latch to protect you from the cold.

    Combination Tanned: Acrylic Lacquer Finished Horsehide
    VegetableTanned Horsehide (Pigment Finished) Trimmings
    South African Merino Sheep Wool
    1940's bell shaped Talon zippers
    Made in Japan

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    Type B-7 Real McCoy MFG Co.

    B-7 used in extremely cold areas of Alaska. The jacket was not coated with polyacrylic lacquer because the surface would crack in the cold condition. The production period is as short as one year from 1941, and existing originals are rare. The front patch pocket and seam tape are horsehide. Hood trim is coyote fur.

    Combination Tanned Sheepskin
    Vegetable Tanned Horsehide Trimming
    1940s Bell-Shaped Talon Front Zipper
    Made in Japan

    Available at The Real McCoy’s Outpost��at @clutchcafelondon
    For mail orders please email

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    Dezember 2020

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    Introduced in the early 1950s by the U.S. Air Force, the N-3A commonly known as the "Snorkel Parka" due to its small opening when the hood is fully zipped. The parka was designed to withstand extremely cold environments and has undergone minor changes ever since.
    This early example of the N-3(A) is constructed from a Custom produced fabric that authentically replicates the true colour and characteristics of the highly durable nylon material from that era.
    Nylon 66 was invented by DuPont Co. Nylon 66 is more flame resistant and durable compared to other nylon fibers. Here at The Real McCoy’s, we have studied the original Mil-Spec formula to replicate its yarn, density and weave, a full original of the brand.
    Outer shell and lining: 66 Nylon
    Fabric Interlining: 100% Wool
    Wire Shape McCOY Zipper
    Bell Shape Talon Sleeve Zipper
    Coyote Fur Trimming
    Mouton Fur Hood Lining
    Wool Ribbings
    DOT Buttons, Urea Buttons
    Made in Japan

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    The Type B-7 arctic parka was designed to be worn by both flight and ground crew of the U.S.A.A.F in the extreme cold climates of Alaska.
    Due to the high cost of materials to make one jacket during WWII, the sheepskin parka had a very short production period of one year between 1941-1942,
    which makes existing originals very rare amongst collectors today.
    Instructions in production of the Type B-7 was to not coat the sheepskin with polyacrylic lacquer (which other sheepskins models of the time were)
    as this would crack in the cold conditions.
    The B-7 was then finished with front patch pockets and seam tapes using horsehide and completed with a coyote fur hood trim.

    • Combination Tanned Sheepskin
    • Vegetable Tanned Horsehide Trimming
    • 1940s Bell-Shaped Talon Front Zipper
    • Made in Japan

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    Worn by British Royal Air Force pilots during the 1920s and 40s. The Irvin jacket gets its name from its creator, Leslie Irvin, who designed the jacket in 1926 and became the sole supplier to the Royal Air Force in the 1940s. During World War II, the demand for the Irvin flight jacket became so high that Irvin had to hire sub contractors to meet the needs. Due to multiple contractors, which can be seen when studying original Irvin jackets, there were many variants of the jacket.
    The R.A.F. Irvin Flight Jacket is our take on the British flying jacket if we were one of those that Leslie Irvin sub contracted. Inspired by the first iteration of the Irvin jacket, we have used a combination tanned sheepskin with an acrylic lacquer finish with horsehide trimmings. For the shearling itself, we have used a curly haired shearling keeping true to the original and then finished the jacket off with a 1940s talon zipper; a little nod to American flight jackets.

    Combination Tanned Sheepskin (Acrylic Lacquer Finished)
    Vegetable Tanned Horsehide Trimmings
    40s Talon Front Zipper
    Made in Japan


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    Real McCoy's Shop in London

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    78-80 Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 7NT

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    The heart and soul of a handcrafted item is expressed in the finished product.

    Constructed by Japan’s diligent and hardworking people, products that are ‘Made in Japan’ are praised for their high quality and beautiful design.

    Although it may appear that the outdated features of vintage clothing have no significant use for us today, this is exactly what inspires and drives us forward as a brand.

    American fashion dating from the 1940s and 1950s is our source of great inspiration, a young country unburdened by the restriction of traditional customs, was uninhibited, rational and innovative.

    For a successful reproduction, these garments require the sensitive minds of the detail-oriented Japanese craftsmen on every procedure.

    Quality may be hard to control when materials are custom produced and gathered from all over the globe.

    Nevertheless, The Real McCoy’s have managed to reproduce products using the same methods and machinery from the past.
    All sewing and construction methods have been studied and mimicked for the purpose to achieve true authenticity.
    We Reproduce to celebrate the past but to also create the future.

    It is Japan’s esteemed craftsmanship and expertise which makes such high-quality reproduction possible.

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    Buco leather jackets:


    Besondere Merkmale der gezeigten Buco:
    • verdeckte Rückenfalten, seitlich
    • Reißverschlüsse, seitlich
    • was entdeckst Du noch?

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