LAPPONIA, a very thick yarn and at the same time a thread because it's 1-ply, 1 kg is 3000 m long <=> 1 gr. is 3 m long
BLENDY, a much more finer yarn, 2 ply and 1 kg of the thread is 28.000 m long <=> 1 gr. 28 m

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Ottocapi, an 8-ply yarn, the thread length is 30 m/gr
FREE, an 1-ply yarn with a length of 4.5 m/gr (3.5 m/gr and 2.8 m/gr)
It shows that a thick yarn can consist of 8 twisted thin threads or of 1 thick thread

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CHARME, a 2-ply yarn with a single thread length of 80 m/gr

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Filoscozia® NM 2/100: 2-ply and thread length 100 m/gr

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