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Thema: Original Montgomery - Duffle Coats since 1896

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    Original Montgomery - Duffle Coats since 1896

    The Duffle Coat gots its name from the Belgian village Duffel where the heavyweight and waterreppelent fabric had been woven since several hundred years to make clothes for the sailors.
    At the end of the 19th century John Partidge took over the design to England and produced the first classic English Duffle coats of Melton cloth
    with wooden toggles, called Brandenbourger, attached via jute-rope - that's why this coat is called Toggle Coat also.
    In the second World War it became very famous because it had been the favorite coat of Marshal Montgomery - the Monty Coat was borne.

    Later the design of the Duffle coat has changed a little bit and today very often horn toggles with leather straps close the coat which seems to be more elegant.

    The Montgomery Outdoor LTD has been making duffle coats in England since 1896 when the company gots its first contract to produce Duffle Coats for the British Admiralty.
    That's why the brand is named Original Montgomery.*1

    All the clothing and knitwear is made in England - the double layer fabric is woven in Tuscany, Italy.

    Montgomery is the oldest surviving duffle coat company in the United Kingdom with more than 100 years of experience of making high quality coats.

    Actually OM offers two ranges with different qualities - the photos show the composition of 80 % wool and nearly 20 % Virgin Wool with a little component of Polyamide
    classic double sided fabric woven together which is much more softer than the bassic line for 250 €.

    The price of this Duffle in wool is 325 € incl. p&p

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    Navy, a very dark blue
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    For Ladies additionally in Red

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    Bildernutzungserlaubnis telefonisch erteilt am 27. Oktober 2014

    *1 Gloverall starts its production at first in 1951.

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    Peacoat in Melton

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    MELTON cloth
    A unpatterned, heavyweight cloth (~24 oz), wooven wool with a slight surface nap - tradionally used for Peacocks, riding jackets and military uniforms.
    The name derives from Melton Mowbray where the cloth was first produced.
    First is produced a heavy milled cloth (pressed and preshunk) then raising fibers on its surface und cropping those fibers to an uniform length.

    Sweater in fine Merino wool

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    Der Ansprechpartner für Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz:

    Original Montgomery Deutschland
    Herr Patrick Strobl

    Sauerlacher Str. 29

    82515 Wolfratshausen

    Telefon: +49 (0)8171 3868115

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    Original Montgomery hat seinen Internetauftritt kräftig überarbeitet und die neuen Damen- und Herrenmodelle eingestellt
    sowie das Sortiment stark erweitert mit Pullovern usw..

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    The history of the Duffle Coat

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    und dann vergleicht man diese Geschichte des Duffles mit der anderen aus der Zeitmaschine in der eine 1953 gegründete Firma bereits 1896 die Royal Navy beliefert hat.
    Bei Münchhausen gab's solche Geschichten noch gratis,
    Gentlemen schauen generös über schnöde Zahlen hinweg,
    natürlich nicht über die auf dem eigenen Bankkonto!


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