Lunaria Cashmere was established and keeps operating in Perugia, Umbria;
this area over the years has become more and more recognized for high quality textile manufacturing.
The entire manufacturing process, from knitting to dye washing and hand labeling is carried out and competed within our laboratories.
Lunaria Cashmere brings the ancient art of loom knitting back to life through a blend of artisanal skills of Umbrian craftsmen combined with the creative thinking of the design studio.
These valuable ingredients complement each other, delivering every time a unique and exclusive product.
The garments are crafted to perfection utilizing innovative and peculiar technics which enhance the classical artisanal tradition.
Each little step in the creation of our pieces is religiously assessed within our premises by the vigilant eyes of the artisans,
from quality check of the skeins of yarn to garments’ wrapping with handwritten labels.
Our vision is to pursue excellence through passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the yarn, which with its mystery and magical colours evokes the simple and complex beauty of nature.
A product with a tailored feel completely handcrafted in Umbria.

All knitwear avaiable as bespoke on demand!