When Peruvian Adriana Cachay Anardo, met Danish designer Laerke Skyum Blichfeldt, both of them quickly agreed on their taste and their love for fashion. Above all things though, they share a vision for supporting the development of peasant communities in the Peruvian mountains. And so, Adriana, industrial engineer with a wide experience in international companies, and Laerke, experienced in well known international brands, whose innovative designs have been available for sale in exclusive Danish boutiques, found in the Peruvian Andes an exhaustless source of inspiration that made them establish Anardo & Skyum.

Thanks to the passion they share, they managed to overcome the first obstacles have been able to prove that the concept of ethnical fashion is a business model with many possibilities.

Nowadays Anardo&Skyum is a strongly integrated group of people that share the same social projection as the founders and focus on developing the company following the "Fair Trade" values.

Peruvian Alpaca is a noble creature, of a smooth and elegant walk, member of the South American dromedaries. It inhabits the high Andean zone, above 3,800 m.o.s.l. In order to resist the hard weather conditions of the highlands, it is protected by wool formed by fibers of unique quality, with extraordinary thermal, smooth, firm and resisting characteristics.

Alpaca fiber is fine and has a soft texture; it has a natural color palette of 22 shades in black, brown and cream. It also contains microscopic air bags that make it possible to elaborate light-weight clothing with high thermal capacity. Alpaca is an elegant fabric that makes hard-to-forget endurable products and gives a sensation of being closer to nature.