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    Mano Macchiato

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    Mano Macchiato also known as Pim Verest is a Dutch artist who grew up between leather and shoes. Pim hand-finishes leather through self-taught methods. His technique requires surgical precision, incredible patience and immense attention to detail. After a successful tour through Europe Pim is now crossing over to the United States and Asia.

    The Verest family has been in the shoe business since 1855. Mano's great-grandfather was a shoemaker and, more than 100 years later Mano's father opened his first shoe-store in the Netherlands. It was in this store that Mano fell in love with leather. Mano decided to combine his passion for leather, drawing and painting into creating authentically hand-finished leather goods.

    The amazing finishing techniques Mano Macchiato is famous for are known in Italy as the techniques of the "Maestro Nella Spazzolatura" which translates into "Master Finisher". But Mano Macchiato goes beyond the usual techniques and turns finishing into a true form of art by using some very controversial tools and techniques.

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