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Thema: Mia Sabel - bespoke saddles bags belts leathergoods and Restoration

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    best of Mia Sabel - bespoke saddles bags belts leathergoods and Restoration

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    Mia Sabel

    Leather Designer and Saddler

    A change of career meant that Mia decided to study saddlery at the only 2 year, full-time course in the UK. She achieved the Cordwainers Diploma in Saddlery at Capel Manor and is now a fully Qualified Saddler. As well as making made-to-measure bridles and headcollars, she designs, makes and restores bags and cases, makes made-to-measure belts, watch straps and pet collars, creates stationery and accessories and undertakes commissions and prototypes. She is the recipient of a QEST scholarship and has just been accepted onto the Walpole Crafted Mentorship Programme.
    Primarily using English bridle leather, she hand-prepares, hand-stitches and hand-finishes all of her leather products in a traditional way, applying the high standards required of saddlery.

    SABEL Saddlery has a regular pop-up shop at Penny Fielding Gallery & Interiors, 34 Orford Road, E17 9NJ and attends various fairs. Check out our dates in Events and keep up to date on our Facebook Page.

    Have a look on her page to see all her awards - it's a large number!

    Only some samples of her leather art.

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    Her extraordinary watch straps!

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    Genial - oder?

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    Belts for ladies and gents

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    July 2014

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    Um sie wieder in's Rampenlicht zu schieben

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    Sabel Saddlery & Leather Design by Mia Sabel


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