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Thema: m. Hulot - Bags designed in London - Made in Istanbul and MADE IN UK

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    m. Hulot - Bags designed in London - Made in Istanbul and MADE IN UK

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    M.Hulot is a London bag and accessories label, created for the customer that enjoys leather that actually looks like leather,
    and a lo-fi, utilitarian approach.
    Born out of a longing for purity in design, sensitivity and truth to materials, attention to execution and finish, the label is a direct response to the throw away culture of the mass-market and an antidote to heavily branded designer goods.
    Exploiting skilled craftsmen and a leather working heritage, M.Hulot is made in the UK, using finest Italian skins and in Istanbul
    from beautiful Turkish leathers.
    Influenced by the stylishly attired, fictional Frenchman, Monsieur Hulot, the label reflects his struggles with the modern world
    and its increasing pace; harking back to traditional craftsmanship, quality and classic styling.
    With its unique and individualistic approach, the label is the perfect Madame to the Monsieur.

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    So schlecht sind Sie also wirklich nicht informiert wenn Sie's hier tun.

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    Die Gliedergürtel waren doch schon einmal modern, nur da waren sie aus Metall und nicht aus Leder. Wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe, dann ist vom August bis in den September eine Präsentation. Ich fliege am 1.9.14 in die Türkei und muss mich noch kundig machen, wo die in Istanbul sein wird, denn die Stadt ist nicht gerade kleine.


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