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Thema: London Cloth & Co - Stoffe gewebt direkt in London MADE IN UK

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    London Cloth & Co - Stoffe gewebt direkt in London MADE IN UK

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    London Cloth & CO is specialised in quality woven cloth, particularly woolens, produced on our ever-expanding range
    of carefully restored shuttle looms dating from the 1860s.
    We employ the traditional techniques that have not changed for decades.
    We weave to industrial standards but on a small scale, undertaking all stages of the weaving process in-house,
    with the exception of professional fabric finishing. This means we have complete control over our output and
    can offer a low minimum order at a practical price.
    Our aim at London Cloth Company is to combine traditional weaving technology and techniques with innovative
    textile design and novel ideas for design.
    In addition to offering our own range of fabrics, which includes classic and not so classic tweed, we undertake
    bespoke design and weaving.
    Our bespoke service is open to designers, companies or individuals wanting something unique and perfectly suited to
    their own style or requirements.
    Our looms are capable of handling most common fibres: cotton, linen, wool, alpaca & hemp, though we are keen
    to experiment with new, emerging or uncommon fibers such as nettle.
    We source all our raw material in the UK and where possible like to use recycled and ex-stock yarn.
    We are passionate about reigniting the manufacturing industry in Britain and conserving diminishing skills and crafts.

    The London Cloth & Co oder eigentlich treffender: Daniel Harris, wurde mit dem Development Award of
    The Textile Society für seine Idee und sein Engagement ausgezeichnet.!home/mainPage

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