• WOW/CRACY - preorder designer fashion - Limited Editions!

    Indestructible clothing for urban samurai

    Valentina was born in the hilly Monferrato region in Italy famous for its wine.
    Since a child she developed a good sense of taste. And she began to wonder how far imagination can take her.
    Just how far? 9731 kilometers through the air is the distance that separetes Italy from Japan.
    Fashion, for Valentina, can bridge all the distances. Enhance our sense of taste and create a longlasting relationship. Something strong.

    Everyone has a dream and a big project to make, step after step. A road that begins is a small workshop, full of ideas and emotion.
    Wowcracy - Valentina kindly shared us when starting the project - is the starting point for the beginning of this journey to create indestructible clothing.

    The undistructible Koenma coat

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