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19.08.13, 10:00

..."Philip Wright has been running the family business, Walter Wright, hat manufacturer, for over fifteen years.
The Company was formed in 1889 by Walter and Minnie-Susan Wright in Albion Road, Luton.
The Wright family have been involved in the making of quality ladies hats for over 300 years, making philip
one of the oldest "blood line" hat manufacturers in the world.

In 1982, Philip Wright, joined the family business. As a result of the combination of the long experience of previous generations and his training under Madame Marie O' Regan, at the London College of fashion, Philip brought his family's firm into the 21'st Century. Whilst the factory have been making felt and straw hats for over 100 years, all manner of modern and exotic fabrics and trimmings are sourced from across the globe to produce the hats and headpieces for today and tomorrow, maintaining the traditional methods, quality and craftsmanship of the family's heritage.

Inspired by his private customers and friends, Philip designs and makes hats for individuals, film, theatre, television
and supplies large and small department stores and boutiques world-wide.

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